In 2004 we started with exhibitions in Karlsruhe, Kyoto and London to show the genius products
of Luigi Colani worldwide. The Colani exhibition will soon be shown in several other places.
Karim Rashid shown in the Pinakothek der Moderne Munich in 2004 will exhibit his future design in the
Ohtake Museum of Sao Paulo in autumn 2007.

Karim Rashid
Ohtake Museum
Sao Paulo, Autumn 2007
Colani – Translating Nature
Design Museum / Making of
London 2007
Colani – Translating Nature
Design Museum London
03 March – 17 June 2007
Colani exhibition
Institute of Technology
Kyoto 2005
Colani exhibition
Nancy Halle
Karlsruhe 2004
Karim Rashid,
Die Neue Sammlung
Munich 2004
>Messen / fair design